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XPAC Technologies provides your business with tailored manufacturing solutions for high quality private label supplements. Our team supports you through each step of the private label supplement manufacturing process, including formulation, sampling, flavoring, ingredient procurement, and quality assurance. We can develop your existing formulations, suggest improvements to current products, or custom formulate your unique private label supplement. We also can suggest many popular products in top-selling categories that match your brand needs. XPAC Technologies uses premium ingredients and can even provide sampling services for your private label nutraceutical formulations.

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Our company specializes in warehousing and order fulfillment to the mass retailers. We provide a complete logistics solution from the factory floor to the customer’s door. Our trained employees will take care of all your needs from warehousing and receiving of products to pick/pack, order fulfillment, and all other supply-chain functions so that you can concentrate on your product development and sales


We can package your Supplements in a variety of containers, bottles or individual packages that depends on your plan. We guarantee that our package design services can help you achieve your presentation goals. We offer various kinds of bottles and containers as if you have any other manufacturing options that you’d like to inquire, feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly confirm if we can create a design to your specifications.



Private label dietary supplements offer many advantages for your natural health business. Our company nutraceutical supplements can customize unique private label branding solutions for your product portfolio. We provide our graphic designers and use our digital printers to help you create the perfect labels for your private label protein powder. XPAC packaging experts can help bring your brand to life!


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